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I would like to take some time out to introduce myself……

I am an edtech fanatic, who desperately wants to make a change to the digital landscape of education. I am also an educationist – passionate about the art of pedagogy. I truly believe that effective pedagogy is the key to an amazing educational experience, whilst technology is a powerful tool which compliments great pedagogy.Sara Tariq Pic

This website has been carefully designed to keep you updated regarding the best pedagogical practices and advancements in technology which can improve the learning experience. Here, you will also find amazing resources – with intricately designed lesson plans. The pedagogy employed in the lesson plans is also explained, so as to provide you with an insight into the psychological principles active in the design of the resource.

That said …… keep an eye on the technology section, to remain updated on the latest insights into easy to use tech resources, so as to make your teaching experience more engaging.

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