Going the Techie Way

Being the “techie” teacher seems to be the craze these days. From basic PowerPoint presentations to using the Google Classrooms seem to be the sign of a teacher, who is up to date with the latest trends in education. The internet is literally exploding with learning resources from just about anyone who knows how to


work a blog – or can hire someone to upload it from them. Well here’s the real deal – whereas technology might lead to improved learning outcomes, it can never do so unless paired with important psychology and pedagogical principles. In other words, technology is a tool in the hands of an educator. It can improve learning outcomes if employed with sufficient pedagogical and content knowledge OR it can lead to superfluous learning resources on the internet.

So, as an educator, before you “go” the “techie” way, keep these important principles in mind:

  1. What are the psychological principles and pedagogical skills which you are trying to teach?
  2. Will the use of technology compliment those principles?
  3. How do I plan on using technology? Is it only to upload worksheets or is there a more elaborate use of technology?
  4. If it just to upload worksheets and lesson plans, am I uploading and designing superfluous lessons? What is the difference between my resource and the ones already out there?
  5. If there is a more elaborate use, like designing to increase student engagement, then which tools will compliment my lesson plans?

As an addition, go through the TPCK Framework.


The TPACK Framework provides basic guidelines on how content knowledge and pedagogical skills can be effectively combined with technology in order to produce a wholesome learning experience.

Let’s face it. Technology is pervasive. Androids and iPhones have completely taken over. As an aspiring techie educator, try to put things in perspective first. List down your reasons for using technology and how technology can help improve learning outcomes before jumping into the digital sea.

Stay tuned for more articles on the blog, which will guide your techie journey.


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