Our Vision

Hello there!

Before you start browsing through the blog, there are a few things I would like you to know about its vision and its features.

The blog contains:

  1. My reflections on the educational issues in the Pakistani education landscape. I wrote these reflections whilst I was studying the different principles of educational psychology and pedagogy. As an education activist, I pondered over the challenges Pakistan is facing as a whole in trying to implement these in the classrooms.
  2. The blog contains articles on psychology, pedagogy, and technology which would be of benefit to any teacher anywhere in the world.
  3. The resources section will soon be updated with my “How to” books, which will provide benefit to any educationist looking for complete guidelines on how to merge educational psychology and pedagogy in order to create an exceptional learning experience.
  4. Guidelines will be provided on how and when to use digital media to improve learning outcomes.
  5. The resources added for each subject area will be complemented by lesson plans as well as complete guidelines on the psychology and pedagogy applied.

In short, my vision is to improve the learning and teaching experience for all!


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